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Polly Pocket!™ Mermaid Stars™ Octo-Go-Round™ Playset
Product#: H1536
Released:  2005
Ages:  4+
Product Description
Water Wonderland Assortment The Water Wonderland Assortment includes two playsets that are super fun all on their own but they also attach to the Polly Pocket!™ Water Wonderland Playset to create an entire water wonderland world with lots of action and activity. There’s Lea® doll’s Octo-Go-Round where she can care for her baby penguin and polar bear with the cradle, mobile and fun octopus ride for two – it really spins! Also in the assortment is Kerstie® doll's Spinning Seals where her two pet seals can ride the slide, play on the swing or balance on the balls – they really move! Each playset includes a doll with mermaid outfit, color change hair and lots of fashions and accessories. Includes free poster.