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Pound Puppis® Loveable Puppies That Need A Home!™ Pick-Me Pups™
Product#: H3252
Released:  2005
Battery Info:  2 AA
Ages:  3+
Product Description
Soft and cuddly as ever, these adorable Pound Puppies™ have realistic sounds and movement that seem to make them come alive! Pet these pups and they raise and move their heads and whimper, yelp and bark to encourage you! These pups are packed out in a motion sensitive try-me mode, so when you approach them on shelf, they automatically start to bark and move their heads as if to say, “Pick Me”! You won’t be able to resist taking one home! There are five different pups to choose from, each wearing its own collar with a tag for personalization. Each puppy comes packed in a reusable doghouse package. Open box.