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Rescue Heroes® Micro Adventures™ A.R.C.C. — Aquatic Rescue Command Center
Product#: H5555
Released:  2005
Ages:  3 Years +
Product Description
Seems like a normal day on the high seas until a cyclone changes direction heading straight towards an oil tanker! The captain orders a quick turn, which punctures a hole in the starboard side of the ship. Quickly, the captain radios the Rescue Heroes® at the Aquatic Rescue Command Center for help. Will Aaron Sky™ and Billy Blazes™ get to the sinking ship—by air or sea-- before it capsizes and causes an oil spill? Will the engine short circuit and cause an oil fire? On board the Rescue Heroes® Micro Adventures™ A.R.C.C., you can bring that adventure to life just like a Rescue Heroes episode, with everything you need to make the rescue happen any way you like! There’s a movable, working winch to lower the rescue boat into the water, a working elevator, movable water blob launcher, a whale and Billy Blazes™ and Aaron Sky™ figures. Also includes DVD with “CRUISE INTO DANGER” episode! Collect all the Rescue Heroes® Micro Adventures™: Avalanche!, Houston, We Have a Problem™, Underwater Nightmare™,Fire Down Under™, Police Car with Jake Justice™,Fire Truck with Billy Blazes™, and Jet with Aaron Sky™. Each sold separately and subject to availability.