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Teen Trends™ Kianna™ Doll
Product#: H8087
Released:  2005
Ages:  6 and up
Product Description
The Teen Trends™ dolls are the “it girls” for fashion, hair and style. Each beautiful fashion doll has a different “personality” and look, just like real girls. These posable 17-inch dolls have their very own hair play features and doll carry cases. Kianna™ doll is the glam rocker who loves to go to concerts, play guitar and write music. Kianna™ doll is dressed in worn jeans and rockin’ detailed accessories. She comes with red hair gel for streaking her hair, and a brush so girls can style different looks. Kianna™ doll also comes with a personalized Style Profile™ showing off her different looks and hairstyles. The Style Profile™ also includes a sheet of fashion decals that girls can use to decorate Kianna™ doll’s clothing. Kianna™ comes in a cool reusable “walk in” closet carrying case. Girls will love these dolls because they’re “just like them”!