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Fusion Crew™ Fusion Dome™
Product#: H9820
Released:  2005
Discontinued:  2005
Battery Info:  4-AA
Ages:  3 years and up
Product Description
Welcome to the Fusion Dome™-where kids learn to choose the strongest of their Fusion Crew™ figure combinations and magnetically fuse 'em together for head-to-head competition! Create the STRONGEST CHALLENGER and you WIN! The Dome recognizes any Fusion Crew™ figure* for a challenge match in the Dome, with speech, sounds and lots of play-by-play excitement! Includes Judo Chop and Lunge Lizard figures and five challenge cards that show which Fusion Crew™ figure is strongest in each of four environments: Volcano Island, Ice Cave, Swamp or Desert. For 1-2 players.

*Additional figures sold separately and subject to availability.