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Pixar Spotlight Series Kevin Figure
Product#: HBL29
Released:  2021
Battery Info:  No batteries required
Ages:  6 Years and up
Product Description
This special collectors' pack is a real find for Pixar fans & collectors of all ages – featuring the elusive tropical bird Kevin and her 3 babies from Disney and Pixar's Up. Going beyond the expected, the collectible figure has been designed with incredible precision using insights from one of the character designers, Alberto Lozano. Kevin's three offspring are a small, fuzzier version of their mama bird. With Kevin's movable joints and authentic design – and even the three babies with individual expressions, and a chocolate bar stolen from Russell – fans will find their most high-flying dreams come true. Create a display inside or outside the deluxe window box – it comes with a reversible background and a collectable concept art card with an additional fun fact from the creators. Colors and decorations may vary.


Action figure collectors will love this pack inspired by giant, chocolate-loving Kevin from Disney and Pixar's Up, accompanied by her babies.

Meant to feel elegant and funny at the same time, this beloved character with vestigial wings was designed to be descended directly from prehistoric times.

This Kevin figure features bright colors and authentic quirky look of the beloved chocolate-loving bird, and the three little ones have the fuzzy flocked texture of the baby bird characters, with individual wide-eyed expressions.

A fan-favorite character, the towering Kevin is 11.2 inches (28.5 cm) tall with articulation including a bendy neck, just like her movie character, and a display stand. The babies stand 1.4 inches (3.5 cm) tall.

The keepsake package provides a reversible background that's a stylized abstract, as well as special concept art from the character designer.

The box reveals a fun insight from Albert Lozano -- the creators originally named her Gary! Disney and Pixar Up Kevin & 3 Babies Figures for Collectors

Includes 1 Kevin figure, 3 baby bird figures, 1 chocolate bar accessory, 1 display stand, reversible background and concept art.