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UNO® Triple Play Stealth™
Product#: HCC23
Released:  2021
Battery Info:  3 AA (LR6) alkaline batteries needed
Ages:  7 years and up
Product Description
This special edition of UNO® Triple Play™ is three times the fun, with a special unit that holds three discard piles and rocks card night with suspense and surprise! Game play is like classic UNO®, but players may only discard to any pile(s) that are lit up on their turn. And if any pile gets too many cards in it, it may OVERLOAD! If it does, the LED display dictates how many cards must be drawn! Lights and arcade sounds on the machine create maximum anticipation and excitement, the "Timer Mode" makes the game move even faster and with the "Stealth Mode" you never know which pile is about to overload! It's a new way to play the game every card-playing crew already loves. When players have only one card left, they must yell "UNO!" Colors and decorations may vary.

The universally popular UNO® Card game delivers 3 times the fun with the UNO® Triple Play™ game!

Action, suspense and surprise are the name of the game with arcade-style sounds and dynamic lights that dictate which discard pile players must use. Watch out for…OVERLOAD!

There are 3 modes of play. Regular mode shows the pile going from green to yellow to red to provide an overload warning. Timer mode uses a countdown system, but when the unit is in Stealth mode -- well, overload can happen at any time!

When overload is hit, the LED display dictates how many cards to draw. Play is otherwise like the classic UNO® game and players must still yell "UNO!" when they are down to just one card in their hand.