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Hot Wheels Monster Trucks™ Roarin' Rumble™ Scorpedo™ Radiated Scorpion vs Pure Muscle™ Hydra 2-Pack
Product#: HCL68
Released:  2021
Battery Info:  No batteries required
Ages:  3 years and up
Product Description
It's the ultimate battle with the Hot Wheels® Monster Trucks Roarin' Rumble™ 2-Packs, each featuring two 1:64 scale vehicles to go head to head right out of the box. The epic rivals feature a monster creature theme kids will love, like Scorpedo™ Radiated Scorpion vs. Pure Muscle™ Hydra, The 909™ One Eye vs. Steer Clear™ Minotaur and more! Exclusive decos create fiercesome looks and add to the collectible fun. Kids will want them all to mix up the crashing and smashing action! The 2-vehicle sets make a great gift for kids 3 years old and up. Colors and decorations may vary.

Hot Wheels® Monster Trucks Roarin' Rumble™ 2-Packs pair 2 monster-themed vehicles in each for head-to-head battles right out of the box!

The 2 trucks in each pack feature giant wheels and lots of attitude for even more thrilling action.

Exclusive decos create unique Hot Wheels® pairings and increase the collectability!

New and classic rivalries – such as Mega Wrex™ Dragon vs. Midwest Madness™ Griffin, Shark Wreak™ Undead Great White vs. Town Hauler™ Mecha Orca and Town Hauler™ The Monster vs. Hotweiler™ Werewolf – ensure these creature Monster Trucks are ready to rumble!

Kids and Monster Trucks fans 3 years and older will want to add them all to their Monster Trucks worlds for hours of challenging play (each sold separately).