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Mega Construx™ Halo® Arbiter's Quest
Product#: HDH92
Released:  2022
Battery Info:  No Batteries Required
Ages:  8 years and up
Product Description
Arbiter has one goal: to track down Heretic Leader Sesa 'Refumee and eliminate his cell. Inspired by the classic Halo 2 mission, help Arbiter complete his quest by building his Banshee to track his target. Or, join the Heretics by choosing to build Sesa's golden variant. This construction set also features 3 micro action figures, representing both side of the battle. Which side will you choose?? Probuilders building toys are designed for ages 8 and up.


Covenant Banshee aircraft building set with figure cockpit and closing hatch door, and additional pieces to create your own Banshee variant in purple or gold

3 highly collectible and authentically detailed micro action figures, Covenant Arbiter, Heretic Leader Sesa 'Refumee and Heretic Elite, each with 12 points of articulation, a display brick and swappable combat accessories

241 bricks and pieces combine with all Mega Construx building sets and are compatible with other name brands

Ideal for ages 8 and up, this building set features detailed authenticity to strengthen creative thinking skills

Arbiter's Quest -241 bricks and pieces 3 micro action figures