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Disney Pixar Lightyear Space Ranger Defense Pack
Product#: HHY15
Released:  2022
Battery Info:  No batteries required
Ages:  4 years and up
Product Description
Discover Disney and Pixar's Lightyear. This exclusive Space Ranger Defense figure and accessories pack brings home all the action from the thrilling space saga with two figures, an oversized bug & two bug-fighting accessories. Buzz stand 5 inches tall in his Space Ranger Alpha suit, with a flare gun at his side. Aspiring Space Ranger Izzy Hawthorne is 4.75 inches tall with an exclusive design and a venom-splattered Jr. ZAP Patrol suit! She's armed with a laser blaster to take out the giant bug that's more than 3 inches long with a terrifying appearance and a frightening number of legs. Recreate the adventures on the planet T'Kani Prime as Buzz and Izzy fight to survive both the savage environment and evil foes! Fans will want to collect all the vehicle and figure packs to create thrilling Lightyear action or displays. Each pack sold separately and subject to availability.

Relive the excitement of Disney and Pixar's Lightyear, with this Space Ranger Defense Pack of 2 action figures with an oversized bug and 2 accessories, all with movie-authentic design at 5-inch scale.

Re-create scenes from Lightyear or imagine new battles with the hostile T'Kani Prime planet with these highly posable figures of Buzz and Izzy with 10 movable joints and the flare gun and laser rifle.

Team up 5-inch Buzz in his familiar Alpha suit with 4.75-inch Izzy, dressed for Jr, ZAP Patrol, to take revenge on that bug for the green venom it splattered all over her uniform. This Izzy figure is an exclusive design!

Create thrilling Lightyear action and displays with this pack and other Lightyear toys. Fans will want to collect them all!