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MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE® Origins Necro-Conda™ Action Figure
Product#: HXH51
Released:  2024
Battery Info:  No
Ages:  6Y+
Product Description
With this Masters of the Universe™ Origins Necro-Conda action figure, the glow-in-the-dark magic of a 1980s childhood is back! Inspired by the vintage MOTU toy line, this figure of a reanimated Snake Men Soldier serving King Hiss has a retro design look but modern details. The fanged mouth, eyes, harness, boots, skirt armor of this wriggling wraith show an eerie glow in the dark after being exposed to a bright light. Built at 5.5-inch scale, it has 16 points of articulation for great battle moves and poses. This pack provides a swappable snake lower half, to transform it into full serprent form or provide parts for Necro-Condar army building. A soft goods hooded cape, removable arrmor and 3 weapon accessories provide display options. Colors and decorations may vary.