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Little Mommy™ Toddler Play All Day™ Activity Center
Product#: J3871
Released:  2006
Battery Info:  3 AA batteries, not included.
Ages:  3+
Product Description
The Play All Day™ Activity Center is a fun-filled interactive playset with stand-alone play, but there are even more surprises when you play with the Little Mommy™ Play All Day™ Toddler doll. It includes learning fun with sing-a-long ABC’s, count-a-long 1,2,3’s, a phone that really rings and erase board for pictures. There are also lots of realistic accessories inspired by Fisher-Price®. Girls will love caring for, nurturing and playing with their very own toddler playmate! There are so many things to do, including a potty that “flushes,” retractable toilet paper and “soap”. And a place for naptime, snack time and play time, too! When you play with the Play All Day™ Activity Center and Play All Day™ Toddler together, she reacts with sounds and adorable arm movements, engaging with playset for even more fun simple surprise play!