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Select-a-Show Sootherâ„¢
Product#: K4067
Released:  2006
Discontinued:  2010
Battery Info:  4-C
Ages:  Birth & up
Product Description
Miracles and Milestones Musical Projector Soother is a customizable developmental soother for baby that mom can easily take with her wherever her and baby go. Mom can choose between 3 cards with 3 images each to change up the projection. For the youngest baby, mom can choose the stage 1 card to project simple bold colored shapes that morph from one image to the next. For the slightly older baby, mom can choose the stage 2 card to project slightly more complex colored shapes in a circular pattern.  When baby is old enough to see a complex scene, mom can choose the stage 3 card for a multicolored projection with a moon, stars, and clouds.  Mom can also remove the cards completely and allow for a simple light show nightlight or turn projection off and allow baby to drift off to sleep with music only.  The soother position is adjustable for both wall and ceiling projection, and the cards easily store in the cloud base when mom and baby are ready to go.  Music is customizable with classical, lullabies, or nature sounds.    The soother can play for 5, 10, or 15 minutes and the music volume can be adjusted between high, medium, and low.