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Hyperscan™ Interstellar Wrestling League™ Game Pack
Product#: K4430
Released:  2006
Discontinued:  2007
Ages:  Rated E for everyone.
Product Description
HYPERSCAN™ Video Game System (LOGO) I.W.L. Interstellar Wrestling League™ Idaho Jones™ has challenged the toughest fighters in the solar system to big-time, all-out, brawlin’ bouts to determine who will wear the I.W.L. Championship belt? You can choose to be a “face” (good guy), or “heel” (not so good guy). Then, punch, kick, throw folding chairs and use hilarious secret weapons against some of the coolest wrestlers, anywhere! But as you win match after match, Jones secretly collects energy given off during the massive brawls to transform himself from a lowly ‘common-tater’ into the most powerful hot-headed, psycho potato in the entire galaxy. The final battle pits your character against Idaho Jones, the Uber Tuber. Remember, one final kick to his ’tator tots and the title is yours. The psycho potato with a monsterour ego GAME PACK INCLUDES: 1 Interstellar Wrestling League™ Video Game CD 6 Interstellar Wrestling League™ Game Cards 1 Interstellar Wrestling League™ Manual For use with HYPERSCAN™ Game System.