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Hyperscan™ Ben 10™ Game Pack
Product#: K4431
Released:  2006
Discontinued:  2007
Ages:  Rated E for Everyone.
Product Description
Ben 10™ Ben, his Grandpa Max and cousin Gwen set off across the country on an adventure-seeking summer vacation, only to have their plans altered by a mysterious falling meteor which brings Ben the Omnitrix, a magical wristband that enables him to morph into 10 powerful alien creatures at will. Everything changes when the evil Vigrax, vows to stop at nothing till he can relieve Ben of this wonderful and powerful device. Ben now faces challenge after challenge trying to stop the Omnitrix from falling into the wrong hands while protecting the world from the evil deeds of Vilgrax and his cohorts. GAME PACK INCLUDES: 1 Ben 10™ Video Game CD 6 Ben 10™ Game Cards 1 Ben 10™ Manual For use with HYPERSCAN™ Game System.