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Up,Up Elmo
Product#: K4684
Released:  2007
Discontinued:  2010
Battery Info:  3 "AA" included
Ages:  18 months +
Product Description
Up, Up Elmo bounces, moves his arms & wiggles his fingers. Press Elmo’s Tummy to activate . Elmo will ask you to pick him up, “Up, up!” He will get so excited that he will start kicking his feet and waving his arms with excitement. Bouncing SFX will be heard. If Elmo is not picked up after some amount of time, Elmo will ask you to pick him up again, while he is kicking his feet & waving his arms. Elmo will sing a reward song when he is picked up. After the reward song, Elmo will ask to be put back down. When Elmo is set back down he will say “That was such a big hug.” Then he will ask for a drink from his sipi cup.