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R/C Airblade 49MHZ
Product#: K6319
Released:  2006
Discontinued:  2007
Battery Info:  12 V NiMh and 1-9V
Ages:  8+
Product Description
Tyco® R/C, creators of the original hovercraft, bring you Airblade™, the next generation in R/C hovercrafts. Airblade™ features not one but three air cushions. Hover over land, snow, ice, and water. Airblade™ is watertight and fully amphibious. Tilt and rotate the rear air cushions by radio control to steer and propel Airblade™ instantly, unlike previous hovercrafts. Airblade™ vehicle's new high power rechargeable 12-volt NiMH battery system pushes runtime and performance to new levels. Tough construction and awesome styling make Airblade™ rise above the rest. Requires 12V battery and charger and 1 9V battery for transmitter. Batteries included.