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GeoTrax Mega Set (TRU)
Product#: K8378
Released:  2006
Discontinued:  2007
Ages:  2 1/2 years +
Product Description
A "total solution" offering for the TRU consumer, this Mega Set is an exciting new addition to the GeoTrax line for Fall 2006. With 50 total play pieces, including rail, road & elevation track, play sites from multiple series (Elevation, Big City & GeoMotion), and even a lighted RC train with controller, this is a complete set that consumers can use right out of the box! Great for parents and gift-givers alike, the set includes the Big City Lights Center (K0400), High Chimes Clock Tower (C5218), Rainbow Bridge (J9520), Gas 'n Go Station (J0778), Oceanside Flier RC Train (H8101), Lighted Ambulance (K0404), plus 3 other push vehicles (City Bus, Yellow Car & Yacht). The set also includes over 20 pieces of assorted track, plus signs and other play pieces. This is a great way for kids to start their collection or add on to what they already have! Everything in the GeoTrax system works together so kids can build a world of GeoTrax as big as they can imagine! In addition, for even more value, the set will also come with the My Day with Trains DVD