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Little Mommy Newborn Pink Print
Product#: K8760
Released:  2007
Battery Info:  No batteries required.
Ages:  18 months and up.
Product Description
Little Mommy™ Baby So New™ Doll Assortment Little Mommy™ newborn baby dolls are the perfect weight and size to love and nurture. Girls will love playing mommy with these very special baby dolls because they can choose the perfect baby for them! Newborns wear adorable caps and come with blankets in a variety of colors and prints for bundling. Each newborn baby comes with a birth certificate so the girl can name her baby, too. Dolls arrive peacefully resting in their very own open cradle package as if lying in a crib in a real nursery. Open box. Ages 18 months and over. K6401 (Caucasian) ASST. K8758 Yellow Print K8760 Pink Print K8762 Pink Solid K8518 (African American) K9094 Lavender Print.