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Bill Barker™ ATV Patrol with Swoops™ Rescue Eagle (TRU Exc.)
Product#: L7920
Released:  2007
Discontinued:  2007
Ages:  3 years + up
Product Description
When Bill Barker gets the call, it could lead him anywhere-into the mountains, across the desert, or just down the road. That's when he and his team rely on the All-Terrain Vehicle, equipped with a tow wench to assist stranded motorists or pull off daring, life-saving rescues. There's also a handy stretcher that folds out to transport injured victims. When Bill can't get to his victims by ATV, he depends on Swoops. With his sharp eagle eyes, Swoops can spot people in trouble from miles away. He circles high in the sky, then swoops down with this backpack harness to snatch up lost and injured victims and tired rescuers and flies them to safety. For any kind of rescue from A to Z, just send for the Rescue Heroes and their ATV.