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Think Think Think with Darby
Product#: L8893
Released:  2008
Discontinued:  2009
Battery Info:  4"AA"
Ages:  3 years & up
Product Description
Now is the time to Think, Think, Think with Darby! This 12" Darby doll brings the "Think, Think, Think" sequence from the show to life and allows the child to interact with Darby! When you press Darby's tummy, she will come to life and more move her hips and head while saying phrases. Once Darby has told the child what problem needs to be solved, she will sing the Think, Think, Think song from the show and she will point to her head as she moves her hips and sings, just like she does on the show. Once the sequence is over, the Super Sleuths have solved the mystery and Darby will have the answer to the problem. She will also sing the "Mystery is History" song. You can also play and style her hair because it comes with a comb for hair play girls love!