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Light Sketcher (TRU)
Product#: M0245
Released:  2007
Battery Info:  4 "AA"
Ages:  4 years +
Product Description
The Light Sketcher is a large screen mechanical drawing toy that lets children express themselves with the magic of light. Light from the child-safe pen reacts with special ink on the product drawing surface, allowing the child to draw with light. The drawing will then completely fade after about 45 seconds. In addition to the unique drawing feature, the toy literally lights up the drawing experience with a 3 position light switch. Turn the center dial to the first position and the LEDS flash across the top of toy and the pen begin to slowly blink, leaving long dotted lines on the drawing surface. Turn the dial to position two and the frequency of blinking increases for shorter dotted lines; until position three where the pen remains constantly on, drawing a solid line. Additional features include 25 small detailed stencils. Product will come in a try-me package. Unit is powered by 4 AA batteries in the base.