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Twinkling Star Symphony™
Product#: M0526
Released:  2007
Discontinued:  2009
Battery Info:  3-AA;
Ages:  2Y+
Product Description
Twinkling Star Symphony is an electronic learning toy designed to create a play pattern in which kids can learn words in English and Spanish through use of sounds and music. There are three modes of play: “Say it Two Ways”, “Find”, and “Music Fun.” There is one light up star-shaped button. The other ten stars each represent a different instrument and sound. The 1st mode, "Say it Two Ways", identifies the name of the instrument in English/Spanish, as well as the sound effect of the instrument. In the 2nd mode, "Find", the child tries to find the instrument based on either its name in English or Spanish, or its sound effect. During the 3rd mode, the child can create music by selecting a melody and then adding different overlay sound effects by pressing on the different stars. Same as B8060 (package size has been adjusted for new tray requirements).