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GeoTrax® Airport Baggage Tram
Product#: N1446
Released:  2008
Battery Info:  1 AAA battery
Ages:  2-7 years
Product Description
The Lights & Sound Train Asst. in the GeoTrax Rail & Road System offers classic push vehicle play with great features and unique styling! Press on the light bar of the vehicle for fun lights & sound effects!  Both the vehicle & the figure have names that drive an emotional connection & enhance imaginative play for kids!  And the figure is articulated, so it can sit & ride inside of the vehicle!  The vehicles & figures form teams to get jobs done in GeoTrax!  In Fall 2008, this asst. is refreshed with 2 new teams: the most "ambitious" team - the airport baggage tram; and the "handiest" team - the airport fuel & maintenance truck.  The "ambitious" ariport baggage tram team includes a push engine with lights & SFX, 2 trail cars, a cargo piece and an articulated figure.  This team loves trying to see how much cargo they can carry in one trip!   Use this vehicle set with the new High Flyin' Airport to move cargo around the terminal!  Everything in GeoTrax works together so kids can create a world as large as they can imagine!