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Nailer & Fix-It Jet
Product#: N3657
Released:  2009
Discontinued:  2011
Battery Info:  2-AA
Ages:  3+
Product Description
Use this cool Handy Manny nailer to construct a jet plane! Includes a blueprint to show you how to build the plane. The blueprint will also be recognized in the Handy Manny Tool Bench (sold seperaterly). Safe for preschoolers! Make a cool model of a jet with this tool and kid-safe nails! Gather the parts, then use the nailer to complete your project. The blueprint shows you how to do it! Comes with nailer, 10 project parts and cool stickers to customize your jet. Compatible with the Fix-it Right Manny’s Repair Shop, Race Car and Speed Boat (each sold separately) – just mix & match parts to create new projects! -