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SMART CYCLE™ Dora & Diego Nickelodeon™ [splat logo]
Product#: N6229
Released:  2008
Discontinued:  2010
Ages:  3-5 years
Product Description
Dora and Diego are going back in time to save the dinosaurs.  Watch as flying reptiles soar in the sky and strange looking plants zoom by on the roadside.  Dora and Diego help the dinos collect food and fill their bellies, and help the little dinos cross the river.  Learn while playing in three different vehicles.  Take a ride in the dune buggy, off-road truck, or a hovercraft and pedal back to prehistoric times.  In racing mode, see if you can pedal faster than your dino opponents, or compare your racing times against your friends.  Also, play arcade style games such as Mud Math, Tic-Tac Dino, or Egg Rescue.  Dino teaches size comparison, sorting, counting, number order, shapes, letters, Spanish, and logic & strategy.