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GeoTrax Transportation System™ Disney/Pixar CARS Flo’s V-8 Café
Product#: P7587
Released:  2009
Discontinued:  2010
Battery Info:  3 button cell (included)
Ages:  2-7 years
Product Description
Flo's V8 Cafe is the perfect place for cars to stop in for a fuel break at Radiator Springs, then turn around to get on their way! Flo, a push vehicle, is ready and waiting for new customers to stop in! Push on the top of Flo to get phrases from the movie! Flo's V8 cafe is can also be used like a "roundhouse" - simply drive the cars into the kid-activated turntable and rotate the car to switch directions! Either drive into a parking space and fuel up with the articulated fuel pump, or turn 180 degrees to head back out to Route 66! The connector tracks on each end of the set make it so easy to connect more track & playsets! Add onto Flo's to create the entire world from the CARS movie! And since this set is part of the GeoTrax world, it works with all other GeoTrax products! Kids can build a GeoTrax world as large as their imaginations!