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Tapz™ Game
Product#: T8156
Released:  2011
Battery Info:  3 - AA (LR6) Alkaline batteries.
Ages:  7 years and up.
Product Description
Tapz™ Game:
Tapz™ is the only reflex game that uses light, voice and music cues that combine with touch technology to deliver a fast, fun play experience for kids. TAPZ™ is an electronic game that combines light and music to test players' reflexes, reactions and rhythm. The game consists of a console that rests on a plastic play surface on a tabletop. The device is able to detect vibration in five different zones. Each zone is activated by tapping in the zone with a tapping device. Light rings on top of the device create a lightshow that lead the game play and reward users when they achieve victories. TAPZ™ includes 5 different ways to play: 4 reflex games and 1 free play music mode. Ages 7 and older.