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Little Mommy My Very Real Baby Caucasian
Product#: V2057
Released:  2011
Battery Info:  4 - AA (LR6) Alkaline batteries.
Ages:  3 years and up.
Product Description
Little Mommy™ My Real Baby Doll: This adorable, interactive doll has incredibly lifelike movements and sounds and takes nurturing play to the next level with amazing lights and sensors! When she licks her fruit bar, her tongue lights up green and you can magically wipe it away! Her boo boo lights up and you can magically wipe it away, too! Doll randomly asks for, recognizes and responds to the fruit bar and bear accessories when placed against the magnets in her hands. Sensor on bottom doll's right foot recognizes touch such as tickling; sensors on bottom of doll's feet recognize when touched at the same time as singing a song; and doll recognizes lying down position as sleeping. Includes 1 doll plus piece-count: fruit bar, bear, band-aid, wiping cloth, bowl, spoon.