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Imaginext Pirate Sub
Product#: W9561
Released:  2013
Battery Info:  No Batteries Required
Ages:  3 - 8 years
Product Description
The Imaginext Pirate sub will bring excitement and adventure to the world of Pirates as skeletons and men battle on the high seas! This sub will help the men battle back against the skeletons. With cool angler fish styling this sub can go all the way into the darkest depths of the ocean. It features a turn disk on the top that rotates the claw left and right. The manual claw operates by pulling back on two small posts on the claw arm. It can pick up the included treasure chest which will fit inside and it has room for two figures in the cockpit. It also features two projectiles that are located on the front of the sub and are fired individually by buttons on the sides. The set comes with the sub, claw arm, two projectiles, treasure chest, trident (spear), figure and helmet.