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Matchbox® Space Cart
Product#: X6089
Released:  2012
Battery Info:  No Batteries Required
Ages:  3 years and up
Product Description
Big Boots™ are big fun! These adorable Matchbox®, two-inch figures are weighted so you can launch them, toss them or drop them-and they always land on their feet! Each Big Boots™ character comes with a different design and look, and, when combined with these thematic Big Boots™ vehicles, enhance kids' imaginative play way beyond traditional car sets. The vehicles in this assortment include a jail van, an ambulance, a spaceship, a rocket, a Jurassic Trackers™ Jet and a Snow Buggy! Each comes with Big Boots™ figures that launch and interact in different ways, and the vehicles all have additional moving parts and play features. With the Dino Snatchers™ Jet, you get two hatching Dinosaur eggs and a Commando driver who drops the Dino from high above. The jail van comes with a cop and a bad guy. The spaceship features a green bubble cockpit and two brilliantly colorful, out-of-this-world quirky aliens. The ambulance comes with an emergency medic and an ailing man on a gurney. The sleek needle nose rocket has an astronaut and a Martian eager to launch into action in zero gravity. The best part of this assortment is its versatility: you can interchange all the characters with the other vehicles for extended play. These Big Boots™ durable, inventive vehicles and cute and cool preschooler action figures will inspire hours of my-size, rolling fun adventures! You will want to collect them all! Each sold separately, subject to availability. Ages 3 and older.