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WWE® Wrecking Brawl™ Play Set
Product#: Y0009
Released:  2013
Battery Info:  No batteries required.
Ages:  6 years and up
Product Description
Power up a Money in the Bank match with Power Slammers™ figures! Watch them act like destructive wrecking balls as they fight to be the first to grab the briefcase at the top of the ring structure and claim the contract for a title shot that lies inside. The play set features a “match start module” on which figures can be set up before the match starts. Boys simply crank up their Power Slammers™ figures (one is included; others are sold separately), hook them together and balance them on the module. Once they press the button, the figures will start wrestling! Move the “match start module” to customize the action - place it on top of the turnbuckles to amp up the action, on top of the structure to create high-flying chaos or even on the rope that holds out the briefcase to swing around the ring and take out everything in site! Who will come out on top and claim the briefcase? Play set includes the ring, super-structure, moveable “match start module,” ladder, Money in the Bank briefcase and 1 Power Slammers™ figure.