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Create & Learn iPad Apptivity Case Asst
Product#: Y5228
Released:  2013
Ages:  3 years and up
Product Description
Protective case for the iPad 1, 2 and HD that includes a stylus and 13 double sided augmented reality cards that when combined with a free downloadable app specifically designed for this case, unlocks a variety of learning and creative activities. The play is focused around the use of the stylus for writing and art activities and uses the latest augmented reality technology to bring augmented reality (AR) cards to life. The app contains three main modes (Explore, Learn and Create). These modes include a variety of interactive activities (2D and 3D), writing activities and creative activities. The case is available in two different styles. One is designed for boys and the other for girls.

It’s covered by a clear protective screen made with patented Otterbox® technology that protects against drips, sticky fingers and scratches.

When you download the free Create & Learn app, your child can choose from three different modes of play. In LEARN mode, kids can make their way through the alphabet and use the attached stylus and unique fonts to practice writing letters and words! In CREATE mode, they can explore their artistic side by using the art tools to color, do puzzles or draw. And when they choose EXPLORE mode, they discover fun facts from A-Z just by pressing a button! Kids will stay engaged for hours as they learn their ABCs and fun facts, practice their fine motor skills, discover cause and effect, and more!

The real magic of the free Create & Learn app happens with the 13 double-sided alphabet cards that are included. Set a card down behind the case and see the butterfly actually flutter—or the helicopter lift off the ground and fly around! Each 3-D image will actually come to life! Your kids will be amazed—and want to make the “magic” happen again and again! (AR features require an iPad® with camera.)

Includes durable case with attached stylus and 13 double-sided alphabet cards. FREE app available on the App Store!

Compatible with: 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation iPad®, and the new iPad® with retina display. App also compatible with iPad® mini.

**AR/3D technology requires iPad with a rear-facing camera.