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Little Mommy® Laugh and Love Baby™ Doll
Product#: Y6680
Released:  2013
Battery Info:  Requires 3 AA Batteries
Ages:  3 years and up
Product Description
It's a busy day on the go for little mommies, and this adorable doll has everything she needs to be taken care of because she does everything a real baby does! Girls can carry her, feed her, change her, play with her and talk with her. The interactive doll has realistic arm and head movements - girls simply squeeze her hand or tickle her toes to activate. Tickling also initiates laughter! The Giggle and Go doll speaks more than 50 phrases and will make eating sounds when being fed with her spoon, drinking noises and/or hiccups when given her bottle and burps when patted. Girls can rock her to sleep or take her out in the baby carrier, which also has a pocket to hold the piece-count. Doll comes with bottle, pacifier, food, teething ring, diaper, wipes and powder