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Max Steel™ Turbo Battlers™ Battle 2-Pack
Product#: Y9483
Released:  2013
Ages:  6+
Product Description
Teenage Max and alien Steel discovered that together they make a formidable force, able to protect the world from fearsome villains like Dredd. Boys can unlock a battle right out of the box with this two-pack that features superheroes Max Steel and his archnemesis Dredd. The figures, approximately two inches in size, can fight head to head, trying to hit their opponent in the sweet spot - a trigger that, after several hits, will send the figure flying off of its base to indicate a clear winner. Boys activate the spinning battle base with a rip cord mechanism. The action is high speed, and some customization is achievable as parts are removable and/or interchangeable. When the figures spin, the energy blades catch light and create a cool energy ring effect to amp up the action! Includes 1 Max Turbo Fighter and 1 Dredd Turbo Fighter.