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Easy Link
The Easy-Link Internet Launchpad makes it easy for kids to visit preschool-appropriate websites to play online games! It connects easily to your computer via USB and when kids plug a character figure into the Easy-Link Internet Launchpad they are taken directly to that character’s website. (i e. Plug in the Elmo figure and kids are taken directly to the games section of Once a character is plugged in, kids are ONLY allowed to visit pages on that website until they plug in a different character, keeping them away from unsafe websites and from getting into your computer’s files. Kids play the online games on the different websites by using your computer’s current mouse and the arrow keys on the Easy-Link Internet Launchpad. 3 easy-link figures included: Elmo, DragonTales, and Fisher-Price. (8 additional Easy-Link figures sold separately) When parents want to go back to normal computer use, they can enter a passcode to turn the Easy-Link off.

System Requirements

Easy Link™

PC Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows® 2000, Windows® XP, Windows® Vista™
  • Internet Explorer- 6.0 with SP1 or later
  • Processor- 750MHz
  • Memory- 128MB RAM
  • Hard Drive- 100MB available
  • USB port 1.1
  • Internet Connection required

This product is not Windows® 7 compatible.

Mac Requirements
This product is not Mac compatible.