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Funkeys™ Dream State Specialty Starter Kit
Product#: N7350
Released:  2008
Discontinued:  2010
Ages:  8+
Product Description
N7350 U.B. FUNKEYS™ DREAM STATE™ Specialty Starter Kit: This starter kit contains a U.B. Funkeys™ hub and four figures to let you unlock new games in either Nightmare Rift™ or ..More

System Requirements

U.B. Funkeys™
  • Windows® Vista or Windows® XP.
  • 800 MHz Processor (1.3 GHz recommended)
  • 512 MB Ram
  • 1 GB of drive space
  • USB Port (cable included)\
  • 32 MB video card (64 recommended)
  • 8x CD or DVD Drive
  • Sound Card, Keyboard and Mouse
  • Adobe® Flash™ 9 (Included on disc.)
  • Broadband Internet Connection Recommended.

For 64-bit Systems - Download the 4.8 Software. **This download is no longer available.

This Product is not compatible with Windows® 7, Windows® 8, or Mac®.