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Splat Brush is a plug & play system that has a base and a wireless brush which controls creative and game play on the TV. Plug the base unit into a TV's RCA jacks. Kids simply move the brush in the air to paint or do flicking ("splat") motions to splot paint or stampers on the TV screen. There are three modes of play included in the base software. They include: splat studios (8 in total), spin art and the splat arcade with 3 arcade-like games. Plenty of fun SFX make the experience a whole mess of fun. Hardware features include: 1) Splat brush remote w/one select button and one Home button. (batteries required) 2) Receiver w/IR camera (batteries required)that detects motions in all direction except forward & backward. Receiver also has a save button for screen captures (USB thumbdrive required) 3) 640 X 480 screen resolution 4) Calibration mode for synching brush and base. Age grade 3-8 years.


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