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      If all codes in the instruction manual have been tried unsuccessfully or your brand of DVD player is not listed, it is possible that the code for your DVD player may still be in the controller. You may be able to find the code using the manual search method.

  1. Make sure the controller has good batteries and slide the 3 position memory switch on the back of the controller to the desired memory position.
  2. Insert the compilation DVD into the DVD player and turn on the DVD player and TV.
  3. Insert the programming card into the controller, the green light should blink twice.
  4. Point the controller at the DVD player and press the left arrow key.
  5. Continue to press the left arrow key at a 1 second interval. Be sure to watch to see if the power to the DVD player turns off.
  6. If the power to the DVD player turns off stop and remove the programming card. Turn the DVD player back on. Play the disk and allow the DVD footage to play through until it gets to the screen, which shows the 5 different activity cards.
  7. Insert the test card into the controller, the green light should blink twice.
  8. The DVD should skip to the test screen, if it does not remove the test card and re-insert the programming card and continue from step 5.

      This process may take a while. If you press the left arrow button more than 300 times and the green light no longer blinks, it is possible that your DVD player's code is not supported by this version of the controller. Verify version and if new version includes more codes for their DVD player. If so, send a new controller. If no new codes have been added to their brand of DVD player, you will need to follow the service policy, return for voucher or refund.

If the test card skips to the footage, which resembles the test card then proceed with testing the controller. See Testing the unit section of your manual or quick set up instructions.