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There are a lot of different trophies awarded to racers by the Hot Wheels Racing Ciruit, each for a different reason.  Here are the trophies you can win, along with the keys to winning them!


  • Master the track by coming in first to unlock the Champion Trophy!

  • Do the most damage in a single race and unlock the Brawler Trophy!

  • Grab all three coins in a race and unlock the Collector Trophy!

  • Win a race without using your weapons and earn the Pacifist Trophy!

Hide and Seek:
  • Find the hidden trophy on the racetrack and win the Hide and Seek Trophy!

Beat That! :
  • Accept a Beat That Challenge and win the race to unlock the Beat That Trophy!

Beat That II :
  • Challenge a friend to a Beat That Challenge and win and you'll unlock the Beat That II Trophy!

  • Obviously, this one is a mystery. We're not telling!