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Each character has her own unique adventure taking place in the world of Monster High.  Gameplay includes collecting objects, and playing mini-games to advance the story:


o    Draculaura™ wins a group of spirited creatures at the Monster High carnival, and they run wild, terrorizing the school.  To spare Clawd from eternal detention, Draculaura searches for a way to get them under control and discovers their true freaky-fab nature in the process.


o    When a science experiment goes awry in Mr. Hack’s class, Frankie has a high voltage energy interaction with Otto Maton. She is sparking at the bolts to stitch things up after this revoltage exchange of energy and ultimately finds a chic solution.


o    Due to a Cupid mishap, Clawdeen accidentally becomes the furrocious object of Manny Taur’s affections.  His bullying style of courtship leaves Clawdeen picking up the pieces of the messes he makes.  To reclaim her boy-free independence, Clawdeen must reverse Cupid's spell.


o    Lagoona thinks something is fishy when Gil tries to avoid her.  She soon learns that he has the Blue Flu and is fleeing in the other direction to keep her from getting sick. Determined to help, she finds a way to stand by her man (errr…fish).