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Frequently Asked Questions

Hello Barbie™ may occasionally encounter issues sending and receiving conversations.  The issues may be based on signal strength, roaming, or Internet congestion.  Usually the issues are brief and Hello Barbie™ will resume operation quickly.  This can also occur when Hello Barbie™ has been in connection mode for along time or has timed out after a long period of inactivity.  Turning Hello Barbie™ off and on again will enable the doll to resume normal activity.

This may also happen if Hello Barbie™ loses its WiFi connection.  Please take the following steps:

  • Close the Companion App
  • Go to your devise's WiFi settings
  • Reconnect to your WiFi network

In addition, you may get this message if Hello Barbie's batteries are low.  If this is the case, please place Hello Barbie™ back on her charger.