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Rainforest™ Open Top Take-Along Swing™ Recall
The recalled Rainforest™ Open Top Take-Along Swing™ measures approximately 23 inches high and has two carry handles on the left and right sides.  The swing has a palm tree mobile with two hanging plush toys.

This product can pose an entrapment hazard to occupants.

Please have the product near you before continuing to help you determine if your product is affected by our recall announcement.

Please stand behind your Rainforest™ Open Top Take-Along Swing™.  On the lower inside portion of the right handle there is writing stamped into the plastic.  

Please locate the five digit alphanumeric product number stamped into the plastic.   There should be one letter and four numbers.  

My product number begins with the letter "K".

My product number does not begin with the letter "K".